Our Services

AD Arena is a full service advertising agency that offers the full spectrum of advertising services to its clients ranging from creative design, copywriting, print advertising, electronic media advertising, recruitment advertising, outdoor advertising, media planning, media buying, market research, public relations, events management, and a range of specialized services that include:

Event Management

Ad Arena is fully absorbed in the event management services. As on stop solution for Event Management. We take care of the entire project after discussing with the client and as per the business requirement & objective while taking care of the complex details involved in execution of the event. Our professionals and experts study the intricacies of the brand in detail to provide comprehensive solution to make the event successful.

Music Production

Ad Arena comes out every time with a new idea to promote the music across the globe and assist the emerging professionals be it singers, musicians, producers, composers, songwriters (Lyricists) and other professionals in the field of music and entertainment . Till now we have represented many leading music Production Company and composers in this area of music.

Film Production

Ad Arena has established itself well in the field of production of performing arts, films, radio and television programs with state of the art technical facilities like Computerized digital processing lab, 24 bit processing, sound recording with voice simulation and complete music design and all formats of video shooting cameras. We also specialize in making 3D animation films with high-end VFX designing.

TV Commercials

Ad Arena specializes in making powerful TV commercial ads that come after fully understanding the company’s objective, marketing goals, target client and market with unique script, designs, storyboard backed by the strategic thinking of professional experts working on the broad range of TV advertising projects for the last ten years. We have extensively covered & given our services to the vast segments of business verticals e.g. Commercial Banks, Corporate houses, Food products, Health care industry, Hospitality, Non-Profit Sectors, Sports, Tourism and Travels have been served well by us till now.

Show Organizers

Ad Arena is fully absorbed in the event management services for planning and organizing exhibition, stage shows, music shows, live concerts, dance shows, mimicry shows, corporate events, wedding themes, sports events, road shows, social gathering shows, corporate events, product launch shows, trade biz shows , theme party shows, business management seminars, B2B shows to B2C shows. We also organize celebrity party, international musical concerts and conferences.

Radio Jingles

Ad Arena has specialized in the production of high quality commercial jingles with professional voice over with excellent sound effects for FM Radio, TV ads and corporate presentations. We are creating the custom- made jingles as per the requirements of our clients.

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